Welcome to the Taurus website, for the oarsmen and oarswomen of the Oxford Poly and Oxford Brookes University boat clubs.
If you haven’t already joined Taurus, get in touch with our membership secretary and send in your form. Then let the partying begin…!

Taurus Barbecue at Henley Royal – see the poster.
Henley Royal entries – send in your news of who you’re racing for (especially qualifiers on Friday). We know about – Brookes crews in the Grand (Jonno Devlin and Hugo Lee in the GB eight as a composite), the Ladies’ (composite with OUBC with most of Brookes’ U23 stars), the Temple (‘A’ and ‘B’ crews as usual, ‘A’ looking good), the Visitors’ (composite with Reading Uni), the Fawley (composite with Henley RC, must be a first to have a junior entry?), and the Princess Grace (composite with Newnham College Cambridge). Taurus members in the Stewards (Partridge/Williams rowing as Leander), the Remenham (Caroline O’Connor and Carla Ashford in the GB women’s composite eight), the Thames (many of the usual suspects including Tom Dawson for Agecroft), the Wyfronts (more usual suspects), the Visitors (Al Heathcote and Rob Edmondson in the Army four), and so on. Send us the details so everyone can yell for you…..
Did any members run the London Marathon this year? Let us know, especially if they raised money for charity.
Alex gets slugged – Partridge rumbled by the Tideway Slug
Call for pix: – send us your snaps of all things Taurus and get a free stamp* to say thank-you.
*stamp on the hand, that is, not a postal stamp. Do you think we’re made of money?
Have you joined Taurus yet? If no, why not? Visit the Downloads page and print off the form. And send the website address to all your ex-OBUBC/Poly mates who haven’t joined yet, and get them to do it.

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