As this website grows, the archive will be the place to find older news and stories:

21st March 2004
After a fairly hairy warm-up from Barn Elms to Wandsworth, three Taurus crews raced the 2004 Vet’s Head. The ‘A’ crew successfully defended their Headship by miles (well 1.5 seconds) from LRC, while Taurus ‘B’ and ‘C’ finished 22nd and 32nd overall. In the confusion, with a shortened course half the crews didn’t know about, nine boats sank including some muppets who decided to turn through the moored boats and get themselves on the evening news.

February to June 2004 – the saga continues
At the end of February Jürgen Grobler sprang a surprise on the GB rowing troops, switching Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell into the M4- instead of Toby Garbett and Rick Dunn. This left Josh West and Taurus boy Steve Williams in what had become the new Top Boat. But after the Hazewinkel trials in April, when the combination of Hodge/Partridge beat almost everyone, Grobler made another switch, sending West into the eight and putting bad lad Alex Partridge into the coxless four. Genius move, of course, to end up with a pair of Monckton/Brookes guys in the middle of the crew. With Jonno Devlin still in the eight, that’s three Poly Boys going to the Olympics. Sadly Alex Beever just failed to qualify as the GB single sculler for the Games – she missed out by one place in an agonising race at the Lucerne Qualifying Regatta in mid-June.