Taurus Pots and Head-Hunting:

Anything else?
Send in the news of Taurus members competing around the rowing world.
Henley Royal 2005
Not-yet-Taurus-until-he-pays-his-subs Ian “Desi” Desmond fulfilled the ambition of a lifetime when the crew of Henley Rowing Club youngsters he coaches won the Thames Cup at the Royal Regatta.
Vet’s Head 2005
Scullers Head 2004
Dave Gillard finishing 16th (8th in men’s elite), Bart Hudson 27th overall (racing as MS3 lightweight and getting drawn a bit far towards the Fulham Wall as he passed the moored boats), and Jack Drea (where’s your sub mate?) racing as MS4 for Sideways Pullers and finishing 189th.
Fours Head of the River 2004
Spotted – Bart in a London four, Gillard doing something with Mortlake for the second year running?, Danoi Marett going past quite quickly, Mike Reynaud apparently with the boys from the black stuff, a heap of Brookes crews. Any other details?
Indoor Champs 2004
Jonno Devlin 5th fastest in men’s open and just breaking 6 minutes, Joe von M about five seconds behind him in the BUSA category, Paul Askham-Spencer doing the business in men’s open lightweights with Ed Coode coaching him (to help relay what the display was saying). More TBCs competing or have I got the lot?
Pairs’ Head of the River 2004
Danny Harte won men’s S3 doubles in a London RC combination. Dan Marett, Will Hoodless and Vicky Myers also raced, and there was a Drea racing for Tideway Scullers which was probably Jack (anyone know for sure?).

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