Taurus Events

Planned for 2004:

Coming up
Henley Barbeque 2006, a Vet’s Head assault and an autumn party are being planned. Write to us if you want to be involved with setting them up.

Summer 2005, Henley barbeque a roaring success
A thoroughly drunken time was (as ever) had by all at Henley Royal Regatta, and the usual quota of members ended up sleeping in ditches after the Taurus barbeque. If you have pictures, send them in.

Autumn 2004, Taurus regatta cancelled
No Taurus regatta/barbecue this year, but perhaps we’ll get one organised next year. Any views on a good time/date? send us your comments and ideas asap.

Already happened
Saturday July 3rd 2004, Henley Royal barbecue
After racing on the Saturday of Henley Royal Regatta, in Lion Meadow car-park. A wiiiiiild success (as usual).
Saturday March 22nd 2004, Taurus dinner at Thames RC, Putney. See the Taurus online e-vite to read the incredibly funny comments (not) from everyone who answered the invitation.

Sunday March 21st 2004 – Veterans’ Head of the River Race. 3 crews entered. See report.

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